Kinga Sebestyen has organised the 10th anniversary of Kangoo Jumps in Romania

The 2 day program included workshops and sport classes attended by over 1000 people, such as Kangoo Jumps instructors from over 40 countries and fans of this sport. They defied the hash winter weather and joined the activities, with gratitude for the sport activity that changed their lives for the better.

Billy Blanks, the inventor of Tae Bo, was the special guest of the event. Arrived from Los Angeles, he conducted seminars and Tae Bo classes, as well as Tae Bo on Kangoo Jumps boots, a new discipline he and Kinga Sebestyen will be promoting all over the world.

We had two amazing days. I was particularly amazed to see how many people travelled hundreds and thousands of kilometres to Miercurea Ciuc, a small city which many of them didn’t know it existed, in order to support the anniversary event and its special cause by helping the children sick of cancer. All the participation taxes were donated to M.A.M.E. Association which develops programs of helping the young kids suffering from cancer be properly taken care of. In the past 9 years we have been collaborating with this Association and donate the money we get from the Kangoo Jumps events in March, during the Kangoo Jumps For Life campaign. I am happy that Billy Blanks, the inventor of Tae Bo, arrived for the very first time in Miercurea Ciuc and that he was positively impressed by our professionalism and of how everything was organised. People who started doing Kangoo Jumps 10 years ago attended our event. It is the sport which changed their lives. Billy Blanks has offered Tae Bo certificate to the instructors who attended his workshops, so that they can teach Tae Bo from now on. It has been an anniversary event we had worked so much for, but I am glad the event was impeccable. Thank you to all the companies who supported us: SwissLaboratory Romania, Diamond by Adesgo, Eisberg Salad, Vibe  Energy Juice, Apele Minerale Tușnad, ManUp Pilates, și ASE Partners”, says Kinga Sebestyen.

10.000 euro have been collected and donated until now from the Kangoo Jumps events in March. There will be more money to come as Kinga has extended the campaign with two more weeks. You can also donate money directly to M.A.M.E. Association online –

Kinga Sebestyen organizes charity event in Miercurea Ciuc for the 10th anniversary of Kangoo Jumps in Romania

Kinga Sebestyen is a famous Kangoo Jumps instructor, distributor of Kangoo Jumps boots, the one who trains and accredits new instructors all over the world.

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